Role of HRD in Retailing

HR – Process in Retailing

Human resource being the key element in retailing, who is acting as an interface between the consumer and the retailer, if the retailer is distribution point of the product sold in his store, the employee blends and delivers products with a smile contributing excellence in customer service in the store. This categorically makes a difference in shoppers visiting a store. At many cases the consumers visit a retail store which provides better service as per his expectation and he is ready to pay the premium for the same.

To capture emotions and sentiments of the consumer’s retailers should adapt and acknowledge in improving their human capital to serve their consumers effectively.

The retail trade which involves a diverse workforce who are either experienced or inexperienced the screening process for recruiting the retail sales personnel should be further streamlined to understand and study their mentality to serve people the patience level and convincing capacity which makes the trick in retail.

Retail Training which is the important aspect in retail trade doesn’t exists in reality with many retail companies which is leading to low service quality rendering less footfalls

This is an important area where a Retail store can differentiate itself from the other since moreover the products are the same, before starting this process we need to ask these questions to ourselves to understand our retail training requirement.

What is the content of training?

What will be the Frequency of training?

Who is the trainer?

Is it a individual or a group training?

Where should the training happen? Either in training center or shop floor

Are mock sessions necessary?

What will method of measuring the effectiveness of the training?

Probably today’s retail HR role doesn’t ends in Recruitment, they have a active role to play in retail business since the prominence and effectiveness of the retail sales personnel generates business. The promotional activity may drive customer entry but to convert consumer into a buyer is the capability of the Sales personnel

Retailing which involves long working hours, which creates monotony, stress and fatigue which is directly reflecting on the enthusiasm and motivation level of the employee is carrying a greater impact on the days selling and his accomplishment.

An effective HR person should understand and motivate such employees by motivational programs, counseling etc. the HRD should understand the stages of a retail employee where he explores the industry searching for a comfortable position and in the next level of his career he is establishing himself as professional in the trade finally attaining a position of his desire in all the 3 stages the HRD should accompany the retail personnel for guidance and support to encourage and promote his self interest which will give mutual benefits to the organization and as well as individual.

The retailers are searching outside the store to generate and improve existing business but their mantra for success is inside their store and its personnel

Small change in HR – process will have phenomenal results in the business.

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