My Interview Experience at Sears India, Pune

I was wondering what Sears stood for. In India, this was an unknown name but paper advertisement for a job in Sears India prompted me to look into the details of what it was all about. The advertisement certainly looked very promising.

Looking at the address of the interview, I discovered that it was at the same office complex where my friend was already working with another company. Reaching him out over phone was easy. Next 15 minutes he was telling me about Sears India and the sixteenth minute, I was brushing up my resume. It was only when I came to know that Sears stood for a Fortune 50 US corporation with more than 100 years of history. Being a retail giant, it gave me a feeling that probably I can get into retail industry through Sears. Organised Retail in India is still less than 5%. It is certain that times are changing and Retail based IT skill set will have a huge demand.

Sunday morning, when I reached EON, it was so funny to see a huge crowd walking inside. It appeared that there would be a crowd which would not be possible for a new company like Sears to manage. Even in my previous experience two years back, when a walk-in interview was organised by a local large IT company, the turn up was huge and they could not manage the crowd. More than 60% participants were asked to leave without registering and even after hours of wait. Whatever happened, I am not aware, but I took a secret oath that I would boycott them for such a shabby show. When they are not able to manage a single interview, how can they manage the company.

In the main building, I saw more than 200 people lined up at the counters and several volunteers giving guidance to walk in candidates. The smile on the face of these boys and girls was so assuring that prompted me to stay on and see what happens. The complete process till the time I was interviewed was butter smooth with very little waiting time. While sitting with other candidates, I figured out that almost all the existing employees were out on the event including the company CEO. Someone showed me the guy walking down to the bunch of volunteers (carrying coke bottles) and seemingly giving encouraging smiles to them. My wish to be part of Sears became so high that I started dreaming already walking down the building with Sears ID card.

By 2.00 AM my interview was over. Someone from their US team interviewed me. I was told by one of the volunteers who was there till the end with me that I was not able to make it for the final round as my technical skills were not in line with their expectations…SAD. I was certainly sad and wanted to go back for reconsideration. Again I called my friend to take further advice. Ultimately, I understood that they are looking for best of the talents and they are not compromising on the same. I had heard a lot about Sears India being a great pay master, but now it was all a dream.

I am still in touch with my friend who made it to Sears India and is very happy with his decision. He says, what matters there with him is that he is engaged full time and sees great growth potential. The management team is very vibrant and the US team gives complete focus for their operations. I want to try there again if someone can help me.

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