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A Few Reasons Why Andheri Is a Popular Residential Hub

Mumbai is known as the land of opportunities. It presents many avenues of opportunity to people who aspire. Mumbai, being the financial capital and the wealthiest city of India, is an attraction to the whole country, as well as to foreign natives. Reputed industries including the Hindi Film Industry and a vast range of renowned national and multi-national companies compliment the city as a job seeker’s bounty.

People from all over the country and abroad flock to Mumbai. With better living opportunities comes the desire for settlement. The ever-increasing population of the city is an affirmation to the fact that Mumbai is a preferred city among the masses. Among all the localities, Andheri is especially sought after by home buyers. This suburb is situated in the West of the city. The area houses both residential and commercial properties. It is the largest and most populous suburb of Mumbai.

Andheri’s easy accessibility and connectivity to all the major localities of Mumbai make the locality popular amongst property investors. The railway station here is one of the busiest railway stations in the country. Also, Mumbai’s biggest international airport is located in this area. The area’s close proximity to the airport and emergence of major industries are the prime influences for residential development.

Andheri, West is typically known for housing posh residential neighborhoods. The East has a mixture of commercial and residential areas. The area is a favored destination by hi-profile individuals. Many famous celebrities, including movie stars, have their homes here. Besides enhancing the cosmopolitan living experience, this hub also offers the residents with a serene and blissful ambiance, which is rare to find amidst the busy city of Mumbai.

Andheri is also a suitable commercial destination. The convenient position of the locality encourages business people and professionals to set up their office base in the area. Already, there are a number of reputed commercial and professional spaces that have opened up in the area. Top-notch IT companies and renowned industries are based here. Owing to this, the area can be tagged as a potential career avenue.

Andheri has a good infrastructure. The number of high-end malls, luxury restaurants and pubs enhance the night-life of the inhabitants. The developed road infrastructure and systematic traffic management, make living here a blessing.

Acknowledging real estate demand in the area, many property developers have ventured to cater to both residential and commercial needs of the people.

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